Supercharge your inventory with our Full Retail Platform to achieve greater pricing and product capabilities and become your own marketplace.

For decades, legacy limitations such as booking class restrictions and static revenue management have limited airlines’ ability to flex to meet their customers’ needs. Airlines are losing control over prices and products as customers choose online travel agencies and distribution services.

The complexity of today’s travel environment requires airlines to be something new in order to be successful.

Be smart. Be Flexible. Be profitable.

Dynamic Inventory
Manage multiple revenue sources with your existing inventory and obtain total revenue optimization for your entire commercial offerings.
Our revolutionary product to enable true pricing freedom based on your customer’s willingness to pay and their purchase intent.
Unified Cart
Leverage external inventory through a unified cart to achieve a seamless transaction. Your website and existing booking engine just got better.

The Ultimate Marketplace

Gain control by leveraging Dynamic Inventory to automatically maximize the highest profit per product in real time.

Boost customer value using AnyFare and Unified Cart by matching willingness to pay and purchase intent.

Each transaction becomes a win-win - ensuring customer satisfaction and retention and highest possible profit margins

Get our Full Retail Platform

Commercial orchestration at your fingertips using
Fareplace' FRP technology.

Everything you need to get you started

Our full retail platform (FRP) is easy to manage. Simply set and forget commercial rules
for proactive, automatic management.

With more than half a decade of experience, we're managing millions of transactions
and offer an advanced toolkit for further customization.

Our advanced toolkit

Actionable insights
Personalization rules
Backoffice & CRM
Offering customization
Pricing intelligence
Inventory analysis

Revenue management is smarter than ever now. Real-time, proactive mass-customization.

  • Every customer is different, no more restricted booking classes. Truly identify the willingness to pay of each customer.
  • Mass-customization, is the future of revenue management capabilities. You can now use external products into a unified yield management strategy.
  • Hide fares from competitors or customers by engaging selected customers in real-time, at your sole control.
  • Dual strategy, enable both, proactive revenue management decisions with your legacy revenue managemenet strategy and systems.
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